Hulu live is officially a bust. Seeking new live TV service.

I have Amazon Fire edition TVs and Hulu Live causes the entire tv to freeze and restart at random and it’s apparently an issue with Rokus as well after some research.

I’m now in the market for a new live TV service. If at all possible I’d really like one that works well on the go because my dad is a truck driver and wants to take a fire stick with him for in his sleeper and not get locked out for not being home like Hulu does.

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  1. If I was you, I’d go with Vue. Works with Fire Sticks, has a generous number of streams available (and supports mobile at least one the road so long as you check back in every few months), and is rock solid in terms of dependability. Good channel selection too. Only real downsides are the cost (slightly more than Hulu, Sling, etc. but everyone is catching up) and the UI isn’t as fine-tuned as YTTV or Hulu, at least in my opinion.

  2. For fire tv users Vue is honestly the best multiple streams plus unlimited dvr. It has an integrated guide on the home screen and you can even change channels by voice with Alexa. I have used all of them and the best over all has been Vue, would love to get youtube tv but it’s not available for fire. People say it’s expensive but not when you incorporate everything your getting they all have raised prices so it’s not really that valid of an argument and the interface is so much better than Hulu, directvnow and sling.

  3. I just switched from Hulu Live to Playstation Vue and I’m much happier. If Hulu is going to charge $10/mo more, they need to at least add AMC.

  4. Hulu Live has so much potential given the vast library non-live Hulu has but because they’ve decided to go “all in” on shiny bells and whistles in the UI instead of something easy and usable across multiple devices, it becomes a user trainwreck for many.

    I had it for 3 months and bailed after it lagged up on a Roku 3 at 8 AM on Saturday morning while my wife was watching an old movie.

    Sling has been the best (for us) so far given what we watch and what we don’t need to watch.

  5. A newer one to check out is Philo. Its cheap I think 15/mo but it doesn’t have local channels (Try Locast for that). and It doesn’t have any sports channels.

  6. Ever since we’ve had SlingTV my daughter has loved it b/c she’s been able to watch stuff on her phone at the bus stop, in between dance classes, etc,… away from home. I assume this would be doable on a fire stick away from home as well.

  7. I have not had problems with Hulu live, yet. In fact I switched from Directvnow because the app worked so poorly. The DVR never worked right. The guide did weird things like I’d be watching one channel and open the guide and it would open to come random channel. And it would constantly lock up and crash. This happened on both Roku and Apple TV.

    At this point I’m looking for stability. I just want something that works when I turn the TV on! I spend all day in front of the computer and I don’t want to have to be messing around with technology just to watch TV.

  8. I use Hulu Live with my Chromecast, Chromebooks and cell phones with zero problems. I left YouTube TV because I like changed much better with Hulu Live but the YouTube TV app is better.

  9. Apparently many havent caught on that you don’t want to switch from your current BUILT IN Fire TV setup… based on your needs, PS Vue is going to be the best for you. It’s the best of all of the streaming services anyway. It also works with Alexa (you can tell her to change channels) and Amazon now shows “Whats On” some of the Vue channels on the home screen for fast switching (at least this does this on my 4k Firestick… I presume the build in TV’s also have this feature?).

  10. >If at all possible I’d really like one that works well on the go because my dad is a truck driver and wants to take a fire stick with him for in his sleeper and not get locked out for not being home like Hulu does.

    With Vue you can only use TV devices in one location at a time, so if he was watching on the go, it wouldn’t work back home until he stops and vice versa. Using a mobile device or PC would be different. You also have to check in with the home area every 60 days.

    You can check out some of the other restrictions here:

  11. If Google and Amazon ever kiss and make up I’d try YouTube TV. I have tried Vue, Hulu Live and YouTube TV and I have to say that YouTube TV combined with Philo has been the best for me. Yes, you have to switch between two apps but it becomes more or less seemlees especially since they both have a similar interface.

    Also, having both gives you both A&E and AMC which is the only way you can get both for a reasonable price. If there are younger kids in the house it’s also the only way that you can get all the Nickelodeon channels as well as Disney. Philo more or less fills in all the channels that all the other services seem to miss with some variation. All this for $60 a month (YTTV $40 + higher tier Philo $20). The same price I was paying for PS Vue’s Elite tier.

    This may not work for you now, but something to think about if that relationship changes and YTTV becomes available on the Amazon platform. Until then, I’d say Vue is best.

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