4 Replies to “How Disney+ Could Raise the Stakes in the Streaming Wars”

  1. Amazon is safe because of Prime. Hulu is owned by Disney (60%) so it is in good shape. Streaming packages are dead or dying with every price increase. Netflix is going to get hurt by Disney+. Where there are kids, Netflix is going to lose to Disney+, especially in cash-strapped homes.

  2. My concern is streamers like Vudu losing the rights to stream Disney content I have “purchased” from Vudu in favor of a Disney+ subscription model.

    Edit: What’s with the downvotes? It’s a legitimate, potential concern.

  3. Disney+ will mainly be a thing for little kids. The vast bulk of Disney’s historical library (Bambi etc.) has already been seen many times by most adults. And watching reruns of their lackluster recent Star Wars films there, after having already seen them in theaters or whatever, won’t appeal to many adults without small children, either. That’s why the price is so low. Because you’ll basically be paying to watch a couple of recent Marvel films a year, that you missed at the cinema.

    Most recent Pixar works are nothing special either; since they started cutting corners on the writing.

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