16 Replies to “How are the older chromecasts for streaming?”

  1. I have one of the originals, still works great on the daily. Only had trouble with it during March Madness when I was streaming from the TBS app. Very likely was the apps fault as it is the only issue I’ve had.

  2. I have a gen 1, and as far as reliability goes, they aren’t bad. I’ve been using mine for years. It has the occasional connection issues but a simple restart is enough to fix it.

    I will say the biggest drawback is that it will not do 1080p 60fps video content without a lot of buffering or failed playback. It can’t handle the bandwidth. This makes it especially difficult to stream content from Twitch as most of the source video is 1080p 60fps and the next available option is only 720p.

  3. For me, it works flawlessly for on-demand video. I’ve have some issues on occasion though when trying to stream things live.

  4. They’re fine. A little slow, but no real issues once the stream loads. I used my Gen 1 to get around the Fire TV, no YouTube TV issue

  5. I had a gen 1 that worked well for many years. Recently upgraded to the 3rd gen chromecast ultra 4K and for the most part its fine but every so often in the youtube app, it will not show the chromecast. I have to power cycle the chromecast and it will show up which is annoying.

  6. If it’s been sitting in a drawer for a while, it’ll want to update itself the first time it powers up so expect it to take a little while the first time before you can use it. But after that, I can’t tell any difference between my Gen 1s and most recent ones (Gen 3?).

  7. I had a gen1 and it was ok sometimes but I had connectivity and network issues far too often. I got a newer, non-ultra version and it has been frustration fee for the most part.

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