Hello and Intro from a Lazy Guy

First of all, as the subject says, hello !! I'm a little lazy, the only cable I have now is the internet. I currently pay $ 116 a month with Comcast / Xfinity and I have their monster, super-duper, ultra-fast internet service. I work from home and have a large family, so we have a lot of connected devices. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.

Some of that $ 116 a month is, I think, about $ 15 for renting the router. I know I can take mine, but I like the idea that if something goes wrong, especially working from home, I can just call and say "fix this." I also call once a year and ask if I have the latest router and ask them to send the latest if there is something better. Again, I was a little lazy to figure out if it was worth taking my own router.

We use the Roku Express streaming device on all our TVs, it works well. We have Amazon Prime, and my wife and I use Prime Video to watch Downton Abbey replays. Around Christmas, we rent the Hallmark Movies Now channel for a few months, then cancel sometime in January.

For sports, I take out my HD antenna and put it in our rain gutter every Saturday and Sunday for college and NFL football. My wife hates the cable going through the family room, and one day I'll be able to properly install an antenna and run the cable. Oh, and we can't watch the Detroit Tigers in the summer because I'm not going to pay for cable TV, and that seems like the only way to get Bally Sports.

I would like to get out of my lazy ways and pay a little attention to our tv / internet services. I know I don't do this by cutting the wires as well as I could. I hope to be able to participate in this group and learn from some of you who have taken the time and are willing to share the wisdom of cutting the cord.


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