Has anybody heard when the [HDHomeRun PRIME 6](https://www.silicondust.com/product/hdhomerun-prime-6/) is expected to be released? Been combing the internet for answers and could not find any.

Also heard rumors that instead of a 100Mbps network port it will have a 1000Mbps port. Could not find confirmations for that either

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  1. They had better get this out fast, before CableCard becomes totally irrelevant, said the longterm Comcast CableCard user (2005 to 2018) whose Prime 3 is now collecting dust.

    (2005 to 2012 was via 1st gen CableCard Toshiba Regza TV.)

    Seriously, everything’s going streaming. QAM is dead man walking, and I’m pretty sure even entrenched Cable Cos. get that. (Not to mention that CableCard pairing – and ***maintaining*** DRM authentication – is at best a VERY finicky/tenuous affair.)

    BTW, running 2 HDHomeRun Quatros (supporting antennas pointing in different directions), to augment my Sling subscription, and loving it.

  2. I went to [silicondust.com](https://silicondust.com) and checked their forums looks like it may still come out. Who know when? My hdhomerun prime 3 is stitting in the office closet. We quit cable a few years ago & went with Directv Now. The one you are asking about is the one that uses a cablecard, right?

  3. Coming in 2018 then early 2019 then crickets… Rumor was they’re were looking at mass production logistics… Blah!

  4. 100Mbps port is almost certainly going to be the port used. Goal is release this year. That’s all the official info out there.

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