5 Replies to “HDHomeRun beta now available for Roku”

  1. Trying it right now on my Roku Ultra. It actually seems to be working on my 1 problem channel.

    I have this 1 channel that won’t play for more than 10-20 seconds without turning into a lagging, pixelated mess that is unwatchable and out of sync with the sound. This happens if you try to play the feed from the HDHomeRun using the Roku Media player or if you tell the Roku to play mpeg2 in the Plex app. It works ok if you let Plex transcode it. Only that 1 channel (WVTM NBC 13.1 in Birmingham, AL). It’s a 1080i channel and it’s always seemed like the mpeg2 feed overwhelmed the Roku. Plays fine and looks good on this HDHomeRun Beta. As mentioned, the interface is kind of clunky, but it seems to work for me.

  2. Watched the entire finals game using it and was working fine. Only checked a few channels but the ones I did worked. Only thing I really had to do was change from pcm to Dolby audio. This is good timing from them now that tablo charges for the guide per device now. I can now recommend HDHomerun as my undisputed choice.

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