8 Replies to “Get ready for targeted ads on your smart TV”

  1. As a Samsung smart TV owner, I cannot recommend enough that you use another device. The embedded ads INTO THE MENU SYSTEM. Its all sorts of fucked.

    I went to Roku and now I use an Nvidia Shield. The Shield is the best device I’ve ever used.

  2. Get ready for a throwing axe in my screen.

    Fuck commercials forever. I’ll root the fucking TV into a dumb text terminal before I let it tell me what I have to watch.

  3. The easy answer is just never connect your smart tv to your network, use a secondary device. That’s what I do. But what happens when you plug in your new tv and it refuses to allow you to use surround sound feature or it will only let you use hdmi if you “update the software”. You know it’s going to happen. I tried to find a dumb 75″ oled type tv and I can’t.

    And don’t forget the new ATSC 3.0 standard is all about spying on you.

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