Everything you need to know about upcoming streaming services, in one handy rundown

Everything you need to know about upcoming streaming services, in one handy rundown

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  1. There seems to be a lot missing here., So if you don’t mind, I will give my own once over on what I have seen so far.

    Lets start with the elephant in the room Of Disney Plus. Frankly, it looks like a solid long term platform. Disney is dropping a large amount of money into new production for the service. And while they will not have everything ready from the first day. It is just going to grow over time. and while they are not talking much about Hulu, Disney is not stupid. They are going to defiantly be expanding that as well. and with the bundle of Disney, hulu and ESPN all for just 13 bucks., that is going to be a home run by any count. Now I doubt anyone thinks this is going to stay 13 bucks forever. I can see them slowly upping the price to around 20 to 30 bucks over the first 5 years or so. But even at the higher price. It will stay the new mainstream for just about every home.

    HBOmax is going to be the next big player in the game. I was not sure about this at first. But Waner brothers is not playing it slow here. They have a large catalog of movies and tv shows that people want to see. And just like Disney, they are not holding back on new material. Price point is still a question mark. But I think we can expect around 20 bucks a month. With such a large catalog of material, and the habit of building new things. This might grow big fast. I would not bet against this one.

    Peacock is the other big name coming out. And it has its own backlog of material from Universal, as well as new shows they are planning. The price point is also an interesting point. They have not announced anything definitive, but there seems to be setting up an ad supported version and a higher cost ad free version. so that should keep the price down. This gives them a solid chance to keep in the fray right away. However they are getting into the game latter than the others so far. Alot will ride on how big they go out of the gate. And how much they can spend on expansion in the first year or so. But I would say things look promising.

    CBS all access Has been around for some time. But the service has not been a great success. It has a very limited catalog of material. In fact most shows don’t even have a full session. Most showing only a handful of episodes. And the movie collection is equally limited. Until now it could be best summed up as to little for to much money. But that might be changing. CBS and Viacom recently merged creating a much larger source of films to support,as well as a new CEO, Bob Bakish the former top man in Viacom. I would also point out that Viacom recently bought Pluto tv. Giving them access to a service with a more eclectic catalog and background. The parts are all there to build a far better system. But Time is not on there side. CBS and Viacom have been losing ground for years to the bigger dogs. If they can build a better service out of all the parts, they may have a chance to keep a stake in the new world of media. But with the other names all moving over the next year. They have to move fast or be nothing more and an also known. I will expect to see announcements probably before the end of the year about what they want to do. But if we don’t see something before hbomax and peacock both launch. I will be very worried about CBS.

    Netflix is the grandfather of all streaming services. They where the first, most well known, and still have a large collection of movies and films. But grandpa is in trouble. As the other big names start develop there services. They are pulling the TV shows and movies they own away from Netflix and to there own systems. Netflix lost several popular shows over the past few months. And had to pay Sony 500 million to get Seinfeld rights. And I expect that will not be the last time we hear this kind of story. Netflix is dumping money into new TV shows and movies of there own. But even with hits like stranger things, they are going to need to fight to keep a large enough database of movies people actually want to watch as time passes. Now this is not to say that we should count them out of the game. Name recognition counts for alot. And there are still companies out there who don’t really have a big streaming presence. Possibly a partnership with Sony there? And Netflix was called dead before. So while they might be in trouble. There is still time to fight.

    Amazon has always been an odd man out in the streaming world. While the service is popular, and Amazon has been basically losing money on the fire sticks to get more people in the system they have built. The streaming service has never been the primary focus of Amazon. While they have had a few successes on shows. Orange is the new black being the most common one. The service itself has always been an extra for people who use the prime. Given Amazon’s push to expand the shipping service with new shipping centers almost everywhere. And the push into new products and shopping options. I doubt that they will ever be more than an extra for those who already use the prime service. While I know that I don’t have all the information myself, I can say that I have never met or spoken to anyone that got prime for the streaming service first. It has always been a extra bonus for those who shop Amazon alot. So with that in mind. I expect Amazon to stay much like they are. A second tear service that people keep for the free shipping and discounts. And use the video as well. But I have been wrong before.

    Apple TV is going to be the strangest one of them all I think. They have no catalog of popular TV shows or movies. And the Apple brand has not been doing well. The Apple x undersold. The tablets are losing popularity. And the new phone just doesn’t look like it has anything big to change this trend. But Apple is spending money like no one else. Getting top names like Oprah Winfrey, Reese Witherspoon, and more. As well as giving them a blank check to create the best things they can. The idea is obvious, to create the streaming version of HBO. A limited number of extremely high quality TV shows and movies everyone wants to see and is talking about. And given the low cost, around 5 bucks a month. If they can create enough talk, and momentum. They might pull it off. But I personally would not bet on it.

    Something that most people don’t seem to talk much in all this are the skinny bundles. Packages of popular, but unsupported channels, often with the big 3 of NBC, abc and CBS with a basic dvr bundled together for around 40 to 50 bucks. For several years now it has been a gap stop between the high priced cable companies and the streaming services that lacked the often wanted broadcast TV. And these bundles are going to change. While there are many different ones. The biggest difference have always been what bundles have what channels. If you want hallmark, or lifetime, or BBC America. You would have to look around to see who had what.

    But I suspect that this will change. As we have seen, the big broadcast channels all have a service either out or about to be. ABC and fox both under Disney. NBC under the peacock, and CBS with it’s all access, whatever they end up doing with it. And I rather doubt that any of them are going to keep the broadcast locked away forever. Sooner or later I will expect to see whatever is local to you added into the feed for each one. That just leaves the unsupported channels. I suspect that we will see one of 2 things happen. Either the larger companies will start to buy up those unsupported channels, to pull them and the fans to that service. Or the skinny bundles will start to cut deals with as many as possible to create a new service that has all of them together. Much like cable did in the start. I suspect that goggles youtube TV might be looking in this direction quietly. Though I admit Its just a feeling, I don’t have any proof for that.

    While there has been a lot of talk about to many services. The way I see it. Within 5 years, most people will be paying for 3, maybe 4 services at about 20 bucks a month each, and probably many, but not all, using some kind of skinny bundle for the things they just have to have. Call that around 50 bucks.

    So between 60 to 120 bucks for all the movies and TV shows they want. Given the last time I paid for cable. It was 180 for alot less than this. I really don’t see a problem with the basic idea. The details of course will all have to shake out. And as things grow, we may see a few suprizes. As I have said a few times, I might be wrong. Something might change tomorrow. But from what I see. Things are looking up.

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