Does any platform organize all your shows?

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I have Amazon Prime, Hulu with HBO, and Netflix. Is there any software that somehow lets you organize your favorite shows from all the platforms into one main platform? Like I could see that I have “favorited” shows from multiple platforms all in one place? It’s just tedious to go in and out of each app and look for new shows.

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  1. I guess the closest would be the “global” search that the Roku offers. It will search for that show / movie among all the apps you have installed. But it is just a search and not a “favorite”

  2. This has been tried multiple times. The reason it doesn’t happen is that each service wants you to be in THEIR app/site. Google TV wanted to, Apple TV wanted to, etc. HTPCs had the same idea, but have been blocked also.

  3. I use an app on my phone called TV Time. It works with all shows on all streaming services. They recently implemented movie tracking as well.

  4. I wish there were some kind of one-streaming-app-to-rule-them-all type of service where you could watch anything from any service, within that one app.

  5. I use ReelGood to look for new shows. It lets you pick which services you have and will tell you if it’s VOD or rental or unavailable or whatever.

  6. I’ve tried Trakt and ReelGood, but I keep coming back to []( I think it costs me $12/year, but it gives me a simple calendar of when all of my shows are on.

    Most valuably, you can offset the calendar if you want, so my calendar lists shows the day after they become available, which is when broadcast shows would be available on Hulu or network sites.

  7. The firestick/fireTV will hold recent shows from all 3 in the “recent” bar. I’m not sure if you can favorite onto the home page tho from each app.

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