Do I really need to watch my data usage with satellite internet?

Setting up a house for 1 with 1 computer, 2 TVs streamed not at the same time, 1 phone maybe some online gaming a couple of times a month.

I’m stuck with having to get satellite internet. It’s very expensive for what is offered.

Is 25Mb down and the caps the come with the satellite internet going to work for this?

Thank you.

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  1. 25 Mbps is more than sufficient for what you describe. For online gaming, latency is much more important than speed. As for data cap, really depends on how much you watch. 3 GB for every hour streamed in HD is a good rule of thumb. Some services like Netflix allow you to reduce the video quality to use less data when streaming.

  2. Laws of physics dictate that ping with satellite internet is at a minimum around 500 ms. So generally it’ll probably be well over that. Online gaming simply won’t really work.

    Speedwise you’ll be fine though for other uses. Do you know what caps you’d be expecting?

  3. Depends on your plan.

    On my phone 3GB plan, I need to watch my data, with an unlimited plan I don’t.

    **What is your cap?**

  4. I finally ditched Dish internet satellite a few months ago. Biggest mistake I ever made in the entertainment for the house. Latency was horrible. Online gaming hardly worked. I had a 10 gig data cap and pretty much used that up in a few days with streaming . Two movies used almost 5 gigs. Then they throttled me down to what compared to dial-up internet. Not sure what kinda cap you have but I would say yes on checking data cap usage. I was only able to get satellite here also but recently found a unlimited data hotspot I use. Good luck!

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