Disney Plus Will Only Show PG-13 Content, Giving Netflix And Amazon An Advantage

Disney Plus Will Only Show PG-13 Content, Giving Netflix And Amazon An Advantage

25 Replies to “Disney Plus Will Only Show PG-13 Content, Giving Netflix And Amazon An Advantage”

  1. Not new news. Hulu will have all the adult content. Thus is the reason why the bundle works for most people.

    Disney+ is the app you can download on the kids tv and never have to worry about them seeing any bad shows.

  2. I am surprised that there are people out there that thought Disney was going to put R or M rated shows on a Disney branded service. Their business model from day one has been family friendly content when it comes to the Disney brand. It has worked out well for them so far.

  3. Forbes still writes garbage editorials… good to know. One of the wealthiest and successful companies in the world does not accidentally give their competitors an advantage. The company sees a market that isn’t being exploited and their going full speed at it.

  4. No advantage, Hulu will cover the rest.

    The whole either/or paradigm is pretty silly, most people will have both Netflix and Disney+, and Amazon is a value-added service to Prime.

  5. People saying Disney will take over are really exaggerating. Besides limited by ratings they are limited by content. Overexposed and overextended franchises is a thing, and not everything marvel and Star Wars is a guaranteed hit.

  6. First off, their main selling point is they are cheaper than Netflix, at 6.99/month, but now, the caveat is that it is only PG-13 and softer content.

    Second, people saying Hulu will cover R and M content, but the Hulu bundle will push the price up to similar to Netflix, at 12.99/month. So that makes the first point … well … pointless.

    Third, that Disney Plus + Hulu bundle at 12.99 is probably the Hulu “with ads” version. The “No ad” add-on for Hulu is probably kicking the price up to $18.99/month.

  7. Netflix and Amazon don’t have the advantage. At least not in my opinion. Disney+ bundled with Hulu will have the advantage…

    Wait… I still get 2 day shipping with Amazon, so maybe that’s a break even?

  8. I honestly don’t know what people were expecting. This is a Disney platform. If people were expecting Netflix subs will drop their Netflix sub for this, they clearly have no concept of who exactly the target audience is for Disney+ and Netflix.

  9. As someone with young children, this is an advantage. The parental features in other streaming services are mediocre at best which require active policing. Will be nice to let kids just watch whatever.

  10. This is pretty much how Disney has always operated. Even with movies all the Disney stuff is PG-13 or below and the riskier stuff gets released under other labels like Touchstone.

    Even Nightmare Before Christmas was not originally released under the Disney label because they thought it was too dark and would scare kids.

  11. Ignoring the advantage that anyone with children will have to get this which was not necessarily the case with Netflix or Amazon

  12. The long game here is launching another “independent” streaming service with the more adult content and then “package” them together as a deal instead of just doing what Netflix does and having a Kids section and an everyone else section.

  13. As a father with young kids this is actually a huge selling point for me. I love Netflix and I have parental controls and all that, but it’s frustrating how much of their content is ‘R’ or ‘MA’ rated and not suitable for families. I don’t understand why they couldn’t have a ‘PG’ or ‘PG-13’ version of shows/movies. You should be able to toggle a setting and have it automatically bleep out the language and skip the sex and violent scenes.

  14. If I don’t sign up for Disney + but do have a Hulu account will I have access to all of the Disney content that Disney puts on it or will I need a “new” and different package on Hulu?

  15. Netflix rarely has any content riskier than PG-13 that consists of more than trash talk and naked men’s butts. Amazon Prime blows Netflix out of the water for riskier content in that regard. However, I have seen some of Prime’s films be censored, with scenes cut from films I know were there originally.

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