2 Replies to “Dish loses 79K video subscribers, adds 48K Sling TV subscribers”

  1. To be honest that isn’t that bad of a quarter for them. I don’t use sling but it is one of the services I am actually rooting for because I like what they are trying to do with AirTV/OTA integration. I just hope they are successful enough that other services start dropping locals and integrating OTA in the same way.

  2. Dish is sadly a small player that has to negotiate hard and try to hang on to its subscribers. They can’t offer some premiums because their competitor ATT/DirectTV owns HBO and Cinemax.

    This is the problem going forward. These companies want you to pay for their channels individually thinking they will make more with direct sales. The consumer in the end will end up paying just as much as a cable bill in the near future. It will just be in 10 smaller payments per month. Hope I am wrong but I doubt it.

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