Cutting the cord and am trying to figure out FOX Sports

I am preparing to cut but I need to gather some information first. My planned setup is Prime Video, Philo and CBS All Access. I need some sports channels though. I have services for entertainment type channels, are there any services that offer a package of just a few sports channels including the Fox channels for around $10-15?

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  1. Unfortunately there isn’t a sports only package with Fox channels. Not sure that will change in the near future as the broadcast/cable channels make the streaming services take a bunch of channels as a package deal so hence why the packages are fairly large. (If you want ESPN in your service, you must take these Disney kid channels too etc)

    Sling TV Blue is the cheapest if an antenna doesn’t work and you aren’t in one of the seven Locast markets.

    You could consider only subscribing to CBS All Access for a total of six months. The best times for CBS All Access are October, November, late January to May unless you are a Big Brother fan (then the summer months are more important). Depending on scheduling of cable tv shows and on demand availibity, Philo may be better in the fall through winter but not the summer. Canceling or putting those services on hold for part of the year can keep your costs down if you decide to get Sling TV or another service.

  2. I just looked at Philo, I might suggest $50 per month looks like it has all of Philo, plus tons of sports including fox sports channels, ESPN, nbcsn, nflnetwork, local live nbc, fox, CBS and on. The interface is really geared towards sports, but the other stuff is there. Plus a huge DVR, though no ability to record seasons is weak sauce, again better for sports there too, because of the interface.

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