Cord cutting advice mate

I live in Decatur Ga and I’m sick of paying $160 for 100mbps of internet and decent cable with the sports package.

I’m just getting into the cord cutting scene and I’d love any and all advice to mitigate the damages on my wallet monthly. I’d love to pocket an extra $60 a month if I could.

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  1. Do you think you would prefer Live TV or on-demand? Make sure to see what your ISP offers for internet only pricing.

    Live TV options include PS Vue, YouTube TV (Think that’s what they call it), Hulu, and Sling TV are the best. There are also some good IPTV options out there as well. Amazon, Netfilx and Hulu all offer on demand. The sports is always the toughest portion.

  2. I saved almost that by cutting the cord and getting money from owning my own rokus. I use YouTube TV ($40) and Philo ($20) and when you add in my internet costs ($55 plus tax since I rent my modem) it’s saving me about $50. I supplement with Netflix but I had that when I had cable and use it a lot during the winter/summer tv hiatus.

  3. What sports package? Right now Sling TV is on sale for $15 a month for three months, $25 regular price. You get either the orange package that includes ESPN or the blue package that includes FS1 and 2 with any Fox Sports regionals and NFL network. Both packages together are usually $40, on sale now for $25 for three months.

  4. Are you with Comcast? If so, make sure they don’t cap the amount you can download. I used to live in Augusta, GA where they did this. It was not conducive to streaming 🙁

  5. The Guides on the right-hand side of this forum are pretty great jumping off points. I’ll preface your journey down the rabbit hole by saying that getting sports outside of cable at a competitive is, by design, somewhat difficult. It would be helpful to have more information, cord cutting is a lot of number crunching and finding small caveats and loopholes based on your own personal needs. Just a few examples:

    Philo TV: Costs $16-$20 a month, get quite a lot of lifestyle channels, but zero sports

    DirectTVNow: HBO costs $5.00 as an add-on, when it would normally cost $15.00 just about anywhere else including the streaming service.

    YouTubeTV: Good amount of sports, unlimited DVR, Google Assistant voice control, cannot be installed on FireTV devices, does not work with Alexa

    All completely random examples, but it shows how you kinda have to start from what you want and work backwards, find the best value proposition based on your own situation (device, ecosystem, apps you use, content you want etc.).

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