Comcast/Xfinity person told me I’d need at least 250 Mbps internet for two simultaneous streams and internet use; CenturyLink max is 140 Mbps. Am I stuck with Comcast?

I searched the topics and recent posts, but wasn’t able to find anything to help, so I apologize if this is has been answered somewhere.

After a month-plus of considering options, I’ve decided to cancel my services with Comcast (currently paying $191/month after fees and such) and just do internet and DirectTV Now. There are two of us in the house, but we both have fairly different schedules, so we’re not often watching TV or using the internet at the same time, except maybe some on weekends.

When I first asked Comcast about dropping cable and switching to streaming, they said that if the two of us are streaming at the same time AND using internet for things like reddit, FB, etc., we’d need at least 250 Mbps internet, which is $82 through Comcast. Given how Comcast’s prices change on a whim, I like the idea of CenturyLink’s “price for life” deal, but the fastest they provide in my area is 140 Mbps. Does this mean CenturyLink is not an option for me?

ETA: I just want to say thank you to this group for being so helpful! I’m sure some of my questions/comments were a little dumb, but I just am not “hip” when it comes to tech. I’m 33, so it’s not like I’m an older person that didn’t grow up with it, but I’ve always been behind the curve of jumping on board, to the point that both my parents had smart phones and Facebook before I did. 😂

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  1. they’re full of crap, i have 100 down and stream hd and 4k on two tvs at a time no problem. this seems to be the new trend with cable; people cutting the cord lie about what speed they need in order to make it work well.

  2. No, they are lying to you. See our [Internet Requirements Guide](
    I have Comcast Performance Starter (15/2) and I can stream Hulu and CBS All Acess or Amazon. Or one stream + browser + cell phone use. And my VOIP service is always connected. Most people do well with 25 to 100 unless they have alot of concurrent streams (like large family) or a lot of concurrent 4k streams. Comcast *always* tries to upsell internet only plans.

    Edit: not sure if you are on mobile but check the mobile app menu for the list of guides in our sidebar. We have about 10 of them on all sorts of cordcutting topics.

  3. >we’d need at least 250 Mbps internet

    BS. Both are well above what you would need. Go with cheaper/better option


  4. Haha, ah… no. That’s completely ridiculous. You need to just take what you’re doing and add up how much it will take. DirecTV recommends 7.5 Mbps at the high end for an HD stream. Surfing Facebook can be done on a 1-3 Mbps connection but let’s just round up to 10 Mbps if you want things to be snappy. Two streams plus internet use gets you to 25 Mbps total.

  5. An actual HD stream only takes about 5Mbps. You pad that for reliability.

    The question is what speed do you actually *get* with the 250Mbs service?

  6. I’ve had CenturyLink fiber for a few years. I live in a duplex with 5 other people and we share internet. We started at 40mb then they upgraded us to 100mb for same price. 6 people streaming at same time no problems!

    Recently we upgraded to 1gb for $65 price for life. Only difference is that updates and game downloads are much quicker! If it wasn’t so cheap I would say it is overkill!

  7. I have CL and gigabit, but that’s BS. I don’t think my YouTubeTV streams pull at 140mbps on my Shields (most of the time it is topping out around 75) and my son is always streaming regular youtube or something else when I’m watching TV. Plus sometimes he is streaming and playing FortNite.

    Of course Comcast will tell you you need 250 if they know nobody else can provide.

  8. They’re lying to keep you their customer. If I remember correctly an HD stream generally pulls around 5mbps. I’d think you would be fine with 20mbps for two simultaneous.

  9. Bad Wifi? More Bandwidth will solve it.
    Packet loss? More Bandwidth will solve it.
    Oversubscribed node? More Bandwidth will solve it.

    Meanwhile, I’m on a 25/2 line, with eight people, and if there was a lower priced option with at least a 1mbps upstream, I’d take it in a heart beat.

  10. If you want to do a quick proof, open on a PC and use the performance monitor in task manager to see the usage.

    You can also check to see if your router shows throughput.

    I can guarantee you won’t see 140Mbps unless you are downloading an update from a local cache appliance at the same time.

  11. That’s an absolute load of bull. We have 100mbps in our house and we can easily have 2-3 streams going along with 4 or 5 people on their phones or computers. Unless every device in your house is trying to stream something in 4k, 140mbps is plenty.

    The only time I’ve ever noticed an issue was if someone was trying to download a lot of big files at once from multiple sources. Like one of my roommates reinstalled windows so he had concurrent downloads running from Microsoft, AutoDesk, Steam, Riot, Origin,, etc. Streaming videos was a little iffy then, but he was downloading over 100GB of data that day.

  12. No. Fiance and I both play games or stream on our xbox ones with around 80mbps.
    Edit: we also have phones and the such running at the same time with no issues.

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