Comcast doesn’t want to let me go

I called Comcast last night to downgrade to internet-only. After 15 or so minutes with the agent we settled on a basic internet package, and she asked when I wanted the change to take effect. I said after the current billing month was up. She said that’s 1/17 and recommended calling back then to make the change. I asked why it couldn’t just be set up now so I don’t have to call back. Then we got disconnected, or so I thought. I called back and the department that handles removal of services closed at 9 pm. The “disconnect” happened at like 9:01 so I think she just hung up on me. Fantastic customer service!

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  1. Are you close to an Xfinity store? I’ve always had good luck just packing up all my cable boxes and walking them into the store myself.

    The representatives in there either don’t seem to be bound by the same retention policies as the cancellation department on the phone, or the fact that it’s face-to-face makes them not want to be as pushy.

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