College football on PS Vue

I just signed up for a PSVUE trial because I don’t have the ACCN network. I want to watch two games tonight, one starts at 7 and the other at 8. I added the 7 o’clock game to the DVR and now EVERY college football game today is set to record. Weird since I only want two games but whatever, there’s no time limit on the DVR. Twenty minutes after I set the DVR to record, I noticed there’s a game that started at 11 so I decided to check it out just to see what the DVR interface looks like and the game starts live and I can’t rewind it to go back to the beginning. This worries me about tonight because I was planning on watching the 7 o’clock game and then switch to the 8 o’clock game but obviously I want to watch the 8 o’clock game from the beginning so am I doing something wrong or is this just the way it is?

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