‘Chernobyl’ Beats ‘Game Of Thrones’ Digital Record For HBO, Ratings Explode

‘Chernobyl’ Beats ‘Game Of Thrones’ Digital Record For HBO, Ratings Explode

25 Replies to “‘Chernobyl’ Beats ‘Game Of Thrones’ Digital Record For HBO, Ratings Explode”

  1. I enjoyed it. I had to watch over 3 nights but it was worth it. Me and my wife keep saying, “well that guy is super dead”

  2. Did anybody happen to notice this tidbit:
    >Having said that, not everyone loves Chernobyl, at least not in the Kremlin. Swinging a sickle wide, Russian state TV is planning its own version of the story where a CIA operative is at the heart of the core meltdown.

  3. Everybody is saying how it’s the best rated show ever, beating out breaking bad and game of thrones…its a 5part mini series, doesnt compare. Yes, it was good infotainment for a month, but i guarantee if you dragged it out over 5/6 years nobody would be sticking their thumbs up their asses about it. It takes talent to make something worthwhile last a good 5 seasons.

  4. I feel like this is just a marketing push by HBO since GoT is over with and they need another new hit to keep people subscribed.

  5. That’s crazy. I mean, I really liked it myself. Got super depressing in episode 4. But record breaking? Who would have thought?

  6. This is great, but I think it just shows that OTT/Streaming is becoming more popular for some shows. From the article:

    “When you break down the numbers of Chernobyl’s dedicated viewership, it’s 35% linear, 13% OD and a massive 52% from HBO Go, HBO Now and other OTT platforms. That last number is the Ace in hand for HBO and a record breaker too. No other HBO series has ever topped 50% in its digital contribution. As you would expect, the previous record holder was Game of Thrones but that David Benioff and D.B. Weiss EP’d Emmy winning blockbuster never made it over 46%, even during its recent eighth and final season.”

    It’s a great show and well worth the watch, while the cinematography is very good I can see people choosing to watch this drama via streaming more.

  7. I don’t think I’ve been so anxious during an episode/movie as I was for the first two+ episodes of this series. I could feel my heart pounding at various times, and most media does not do that to me. Very engaging.

  8. HBO is staking out Mondays? That is news to us.

    The reason why OTT viewership is so high is because we never knew when a new episode was going to drop.

  9. Isn’t it a little insensitive to use connotative words in titles like this. I mean, must the reviews ‘explode’? It was a horrible tragedy, this just seems cold.

  10. For sure it wasn’t bad, but it is definitely over hyped. The last episode which everyone creams themselves over? Pretty okay. Nothing more

  11. I certainly enjoyed Chernobyl, but it wasn’t better than Game of Thrones or Band of Brothers, not by a long shot (in my opinion of course).

  12. Chernobyl is totally something that could happen on earth. People are fascinated by what radiation does to the human body and how powerless we are against the strong forces of nature. And what would we do if something like this ever did happen.

    GoT is just fantasy and honestly, doesn’t have a satisfying ending (ymmv). Although there are more sex scenes in GoT vs Chernobyl and definitely more incest, which is nice if you are into that.

  13. How. The show was stupid. I wanted a Documentary and got a stupid story show. Didn’t make it past the first episode.

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