Can’t get WABC and WPIX channels.

I have a HDHomerun Connect Quatro with an indoor Mohu Leaf Metro antenna. I’ve gotten all other channels that I wanted except WABC (ABC 7) and WPIX (The CW / PIX11). I pointed the antenna westward for optimal reception since all other directions to troubleshoot this issue got me less channels.

Here’s my TVfool report: [](

Here’s my channel lineup that I got: [](

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  1. Seems like you need an antenna with better hi-VHF capability. The Mohus are not great in that frequency range (ch7-13) and even worse with low vhf (2-6). The Clearstream 2 might work better for you.

  2. Your antenna is crap. In the nyc Dma, with everything that’s going on (low power, moving antennas and location, etc), you will need a real antenna with actual vhf elements.

  3. Keep your antenna aimed high and pointing exactly where their antennas are, rescan, and hope for perfect weather.

    Those channels are the worst

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