Cancelled Spectrum…but what do I do about internet now?

Got into an argument with Spectrum over a difference of $20. They refused to credit it, so I climbed up on my soap box and cancelled my $2,134 per year cable and internet service. Figured I’d show them a thing or two.

Well…the truth is they don’t need me $2,134 per year but I do need internet. TV I can live without, but not internet.

So…now what do I do?

I’ve already determined the following is not available in my area:


Directv partners with Comcast for internet, so that’s not helpful. I called a satellite internet company but they actually told me they’d be a terrible choice for me…they serve places that have literally no other option and charge an arm and a leg for it.

So…do I just crawl back to Spectrum? Or are other companies available?

One other possible option: I know my cellphones can be turned into a hotspot…but it seems to me there must be a catch to this.

What say you fellow cord cutters? How do you get internet?

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