Cancelled Spectrum…but what do I do about internet now?

Got into an argument with Spectrum over a difference of $20. They refused to credit it, so I climbed up on my soap box and cancelled my $2,134 per year cable and internet service. Figured I’d show them a thing or two.

Well…the truth is they don’t need me $2,134 per year but I do need internet. TV I can live without, but not internet.

So…now what do I do?

I’ve already determined the following is not available in my area:


Directv partners with Comcast for internet, so that’s not helpful. I called a satellite internet company but they actually told me they’d be a terrible choice for me…they serve places that have literally no other option and charge an arm and a leg for it.

So…do I just crawl back to Spectrum? Or are other companies available?

One other possible option: I know my cellphones can be turned into a hotspot…but it seems to me there must be a catch to this.

What say you fellow cord cutters? How do you get internet?

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  1. You probably don’t qualify for this, but check anyway. It’s designed for people out in the boonies with no wired broadband but I don’t know what criteria they have, so check: []( (“Fixed wireless internet for $40”)

    I use Visible LTE as my portable hotspot and it works. Unlimited hotspot is 5Mbps. It works but it’s not a great choice as a permanent home and cord cutting solution.

  2. If you live alone and are in an area with no competition, then yes, crawling back to Spectrum is probably your best option. You can google “what internet providers service my address” and get a slew of websites where you can punch in your zipcode and see if anyone besides Spectrum is available to you. My guess is since Spectrum was willing to let you cancel rather than send you to retention, it’s because they know you can’t go anywhere else.

    If you don’t live alone, have whomever you live with try to sign up as a new customer. This might not work if the person has the same last name as you, but it’s worth a shot (I mean, I’m sure you’ll be able to sign up, you just might not get the new-customer rate).

  3. I have DSL. It sucks. I think quality varies from minute to minute based on whether other DSL subscribers in my area on using the internet. But on the plus side, I pay $45/month compared to the $177.83/month you were paying. (Admittedly your price included cable and decent internet, compared to my crappy internet and TV antenna with Tablo.)

  4. I cancelled Spectrum when they dropped Epix but kept the price the same. I kept the internet. Now pay them $70 a month when I was paying $235. I subscribed to a bunch of streaming services and am now getting more for less. If I had a better option for internet I would take it.

  5. Check these links and se if there are any municipal fiber in your area or fixed wireless.

    If you work from home you may qualify for business internet plan.

    Cell phones aren’t great unless you are mostly limiting yourself to browsing, a little bit of social media and email. Most data calls get in the way of watching g video unless you have some thing like that T-Mobile plan that didn’t count certain services against your data.

    See our Starter Guide in sidebar or mobile menu for a list of services that allow off line viewing. Download over wifi and watch on your time.

  6. Isn’t Comcast = Infinity for internet?

    It’d be easier to give suggestion if we knew if you were in Alaska or Hawaii or____________?

    What cellular companies can you get where you live? AT&T cellular? They have had fixed wireless option too.

  7. Try to find out what the local landline phone company (telco) that services your area is and see if they offer internet service. Some people live in areas where the telco is a lesser known company (ie: not att or verizon)

  8. I have Spectrum for internet as well – also had them for cable. I have looked multiple times for alternatives, but the only real “alternative” is AT&T in my area, and they are the opposite side of the same coin (different pricing – restrictions – all pretty much equals the same pricing). I figure I am pretty much stuck until one of the satellite or 5G options become available and viable.

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