Can I accomplish this without Cable?

Apologies if this has been asked before.

I’m currently paying $150/mo. for FIOS Internet + TV and given how few channels we watch, I’m wondering if we could get away with just internet and something like Sling (or another service that the community here recommends). The only “must have” channels for my significant other are ABC, CBS, HGTV, Food Network, and Bravo. We generally don’t watch shows live, so I’m not sure if that’s a requirement for cordcutting (i.e., she would want to watch the Bachelor that night but maybe an hour later).

Appreciate any insight and/or recommendations!

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  1. My experience has been that I was watching certain networks and shows not because they were overly interesting but because it was just on and the least of the worst. Might want to start out with an approach of going as cheap as possible and then seeing if you really miss that stuff or if you find other things to watch. Especially if you already have something like Amazon Prime, Hulu, or Netflix. I have found so much stuff on Amazon Prime which I only got for shipping.

    You can also get an antenna for local channels. If you happen to live in a major city then locast could also work for you. There are also various free services you might get value out of.

  2. An antenna will get you ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, and the CW for free once you buy the antenna. Sling Blue will get you Bravo and Food Network for $25/m.

    You can buy the AirTV box and connect your antenna to it which will then integrate your antenna channels into the Sling interface using your network.

    You can even log into the Sling app away from home via mobile and watch your antenna channels.

  3. Now that some one has provided the actual answer…. “Foot network?” Damn, the fragmentation and specialization is really getting out of hand.

  4. Couple options here.

    Do you get ABC and CBS with an OTA antenna?
    If so you could buy a [Tablo]( and for a one-time expense use the Tablo for your DVR for those two channels.
    You could then couple that with Sling TV’s blue package + DVR for $30/month for HGTV, Food, and Bravo.

    If you don’t get ABC and CBS with an antenna, or don’t want to mess with a Tablo, you’d have to move up to Hulu Live ($45/mo) or YouTube TV ($50/mo) for all 5.

  5. Some good suggestions here- the important thing to know is you don’t have to make a committment. All the streaming apps have free trial periods where you can evaluate what is important and what is not.

  6. Just do some basic diligence with regards to comments “antenna will get the 4 main ones” ie: ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC. In some areas 3 of them run on UHF frequency, and the 4th (in my area CBS) is broadcast VHF.

    So just verify that whatever antenna you buy, if you go that route you know what frequency it uses/looks for…and what frequency the locals are on using one of the antenna location type sites.

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