Best way to get HBO

I need to sign up for HBO so I can get Watchmen on Sunday. I have YTTV but it’s not offered as an add-on there, so I wanted to see how other people are getting it. I have Amazon Prime and can add it, and also have Hulu and can add it (but I’ve been hearing a lot about Hulu issues lately) — or I can get it as a stand-alone and use the app. Are any choices better than others?

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  1. Amazon gives you all the live channels plus all VOD. 5.1 audio. But it’s video bitrate and resolution are much higher than HBO now/go standalone and Hulu. Tops on market along with Apple TV channels.

  2. I’ve had it through Prime and the standalone app. I found the standalone UI easier to navigate than Prime, but the difference is not huge. I’d go with whatever is most convenient for you.

  3. I have it through my Hulu subscription. You get access to it in the Hulu app and also the HBO app, if you want.

    Something I kinda like, by going through the Hulu app you get the 15 or so live HBO channels as well. Sure you can just browse the on demand, but I like stumbling upon a movie and catching it live as well. You get this whether you have the Hulu Live TV sub or just regular Hulu version.

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