Best value options for replacing Comcast modem?

I am officially cutting off Comcast cable, keeping internet and going with PS Vue. I am sick of paying $13 a month to rent Comcast’s modem.

Does anyone have any recommendations for a router/modem or combo that isn’t terribly expensive?

For reference I live in a 750ft apartment, live with my gf, use streaming (obv), I do play video games as well.


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  1. I HIGHLY recommend purchasing a separate modem and router instead of a combo unit. It will be more expensive up-front, but it’s easier in the future if you want to switch to a different router for whatever reason. Also, the user interface on all-in-one combo modem+router units is usually not as full-featured as a standalone router.

    The Arris SB6183 is a decent modem that supports up to 300 Mbps and should work just fine with Xfinity. If you’re unsure, this page allegedly has info on supported devices. I don’t have an account so I can’t actually confirm that is true…

    As far as routers go, Netgear makes routers that almost always get decent reviews but I personally hate the user interface. It’s clunky and confusing and looks like they haven’t updated it since the early 2000s. I prefer the user interface on ASUS routers, but I haven’t had much experience with their latest models so I recommend you do some research before you buy. Either brand is likely a solid choice.

  2. I use [this netgear modem]( and [this netgear router]( with 60mbps internet from Comcast. It is a bit pricey for the pair, but it is future proof in that it is docsis 3.1 so it is capable of gigabit. This pair has been great for me, and even though I only pay for 60 mbps, I never have issues with sputtering or buffering when streaming and never have issues on xbox live.
    I would assume [this netgear docsis 3.0 modem]( would also be reliable as well, and it is much cheaper. I’ve read on here about a defect in some docsis 3.0 modems that could cause latency spikes which could affect gaming so I would look into that if I were you and come to your own conclusion on that.

  3. Look on comcasts web site for a list of approved modems and get one of those if you don’t and have any sort of problem comcast will blame it on your unsupported modem and refuse to help.

  4. First and the most important note: Avoid **anything** that uses Puma or “Intel Inside”; those modems have a hardware flaw that increase jitter which would affect games. There’s rumor of firmware fixes available for some modems, but there’s no way to tell if a specific modem has or will get the firmware fix, and it will also vary between ISPs too since they’re the ones that push the firmware. Basically, it’s a lot easier to just avoid such modems.

    Second suggestion is to have a separate router and modem. The router is where you’ll be doing configurations, and you’ll have a lot more control over configurations on a standalone router.

    For the modem, make sure it’s at least DOCSIS 3.0, but anything higher that you can afford is decent and more ideal for future uses. I believe DOCSIS 3.0 basically covers typical internet plan package speeds no problem (modem is capable of providing those speeds and significantly higher).

    For the router, it depends on how much you’d be into configuration. Ideally, I’d suggest a router that’s currently supported by the OEM with updates today, and also supported by major aftermarket firmware vendors (DD-WRT and OpenWRT specifically). Aftermarket firmware has longer support than OEM typically.

    If possible, buy long ethernet cables and run them to devices to the router. If that isn’t possible or feasible, then you want the router to have external antennas for the best possible signal. It’s better for the router to be able to push out a strong signal than to rely on extenders.

  5. I have a tp-link. I can’t recommend a specific model offhand, only say that I’ve had no problems with mine for several years. My modem is a couple of years old, they do have a newer model that’s faster. I know tp-link modems have won several awards.

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