Any Streaming Service for ~$15/mo?

Is there any service that only cost’s close to $15/mo. I know Philo used to have a $16/mo package, but they got rid of that package. Is there anything similar available?

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  1. [AT&T Watch TV]( is only $15/mo. You get a limited selection of channels, similar to the old Philo offering. Not sure how long this will be in existence, since it’s AT&T’s “forgotten” streaming service. They are more focused on DIRECTV NOW and the future AT&T TV and HBO Max.

  2. AT&T Watch TV is $15 a month, but it’s exceptionally bare bones. No DVR, no TV Everywhere logins, pretty much nothing except live streams.

  3. Assuming you want live TV and not something like standard Hulu no. You are going to be paying at least $20 for Philo. Sling Orage or Sling Blue would be $25. Any option that will be more all inclusive with live news and sports is going to be in the $50 range nowadays.

    Now if you are willing to use options like Pluto and Crackle they are free. But they don’t have live new run stuff. Though there is a limited amount of live news on Pluto.

  4. As others have said, Watch AT&T is $15 a month right now but beyond AT&T-owned channels and a handful of others you really don’t get anything else with that.

    That said, if you combined Watch AT&T with several free linear and on-demand services — Pluto TV, Xumo, Hulu (Basic), YouTube, Tubi TV — I can’t see where you wouldn’t find something to watch pretty much all the time.

  5. didn’t realize Philo did away with the split plans. Im still grandfathered in at $16. It does work the best out of any other streaming service I have tried though. Their DVR is great.

  6. Hulu Plus (no ads) $11 is the best bang for the buck. And on some devices they offer DD5.1 and 4K (Hulu Originals). To this, add an OTA antenna for live channels at a resolution that will put any streaming to shame

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