Any OTA streaming device that you recommend?

I need a device that will pick up OTA signal and stream it to my device (Roku and Android). I tried AirTV. It has so many troubles and I plan to return it. I am researching HDHomeRun. Looks like it doesn’t has a good Roku support. I read HDHomeRun via Plex has poor picture quality on Roku because heavy transcoding on Plex server. I don’t know if this is still true? Or you guys has a different experience. My requirement 1) out of home streaming 2) DVR support 3) Roku support.

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  1. I have had a quad tuner Table now going on 4 years with no issues. I like most about Tablo, they are constantly improving their firmware and operation. We have 5 rokus and a 2 TB hd for the tablo.

  2. If you can find a [Tivo Roamio OTA]( with lifetime guide subscription, it’s worth every penny of its initial tag, if you have good signal at the antenna.

    Best program guide, 4-ch DVR, commercial skip, streaming integration, remote control, playback on devices.

    You may want to abandon your Roku bc the big apps are all available on the Tivo itself, alongside OTA local channels. I couldn’t find Acorn on the Tivo, so we still have a Roku and it is a little more responsive and quick-loading than Tivo for Netflix or Prime.

    But the smooth-viewing experience couldn’t really be better.

  3. HD Homerun works well with Plex. I usually just watch it through Amazon Firestick because it seems easier for some reason. I set up recordings with Plex since that seems easier with my set up. Very easy to watch programs on your phone or any other device.

  4. The original HDHomeRuns used MPEG2 streams which had to be transcoded for lots of devices.

    There are HDHomeRuns with hardware based H.264. That would probably solve your transcode problem. Looking quick there even seem to be some newer ones with H.265 encoding.

  5. HD Homerun work ok with Plex. It’s weird though because though it works most of the time, sometimes it just won’t connect. It’s completely random.

  6. AirTV. It works as its own standalone free streaming service, with a downloadable app via Roku. Set up an account and go.

    Easily integrated into Sling if you ever consider it, too.

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