Amazon Fire Stick 4K on sale for 39.99 – a good time to buy?

Hey all, right now we have 1 older fire stick in the house. I need 2 more streaming devices to make the move and cut the cord and drop directv. I’ve been leaning toward PS Vue due to their live TV and channel lineup that works for me for 49.99 a month. Obviously the big downside to going all-in on amazon is never having access to Youtube TV. What are your thoughts? I do like that the amazon fire 4k remote allows you to control the TV power/volume.

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  1. The Fire TV 4K is indeed pretty great. All the lag from the older sticks is gone, everything is smooth. Yeah it advertises Amazon stuff non-stop, and yeah there’s no official YouTube app, just a basic launcher to the site (which works fine). But I’ve never had an issue with that, and the huge catalog of Android apps and games is hard to beat.

  2. Got 2 around Christmas. The remote is the best in the game. Was thinking of getting a 2nd Apple TV 4K, but couldn’t justify the cost and the HORRIBLE apple remote. Fire TV 4K is cheap and has a far superior remote. Don’t think twice mate.

  3. If you can deal with the Amazon spam, get the firestick. Otherwise get a Roku, andor if you have dumb people using the tv get a Roku.

  4. I wanna get one but I’m really about to take the plunge and go with YouTube TV and I’m prerry bummed that its not on the FireTV/stick.

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