Alternatives to YTTV

I’ve had YouTubeTV for over a year now and I think it’s time to move on – it’s too complicated for me to figure out how various features interact with my macro settings in my Google account, if I tweak this over here, that pops up over there like effing jello. With a TV and DVR, I delete the channels I won’t ever watch, I watch a recorded show, it shows I watched and I can delete it. With YTTV, Google is so hung up on gathering information about me to use across their properties – I toggle “don’t gather watch history” on regular YouTube and all the shows that I watched on YTTV are now all unwatched…all 4 bazzilion seasons of every show!

I’d be happy with the on-air channels (I’m in NYC) with basic DVR functionality – anyone have recommendations? Anyone remember Aereo?? Lovedlovedloved that! For 8 bucks! Screw that judge who shut them down…. (sorry about the rants)

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