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I’ve had YouTubeTV for over a year now and I think it’s time to move on – it’s too complicated for me to figure out how various features interact with my macro settings in my Google account, if I tweak this over here, that pops up over there like effing jello. With a TV and DVR, I delete the channels I won’t ever watch, I watch a recorded show, it shows I watched and I can delete it. With YTTV, Google is so hung up on gathering information about me to use across their properties – I toggle “don’t gather watch history” on regular YouTube and all the shows that I watched on YTTV are now all unwatched…all 4 bazzilion seasons of every show!

I’d be happy with the on-air channels (I’m in NYC) with basic DVR functionality – anyone have recommendations? Anyone remember Aereo?? Lovedlovedloved that! For 8 bucks! Screw that judge who shut them down…. (sorry about the rants)

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  1. If you’re in NYC, I’d take a serious look at getting an indoor over-the-air antenna and something like the Tablo (for just about all the popular streaming boxes, including Roku), or the HDhomerun (no Roku). That’ll get you the over-the-air channels with a DVR. You have to pay a subscription for the DVR, but that’s only about $50/year for either, last time I looked. I have the Tablo and really like it. Not so much love for the HDhomerun because it doesn’t have an app for Roku, and needs good quality home network support which you may or may not have.

    I had Playstation Vue and switched to youtube TV because of streaming problems that Playstation Vue would sometimes have. But I also used Sling Blue with the Lifestyle package, that was pretty good, too. I did have problems with the Sling DVR, which was why I switched away from that one. Philo is missing a bunch of channels that I like, did a free trial on that one, too. Hulu doesn’t have BBC America, so it’s a no-go for me.

    Anyways, if you’d be happy with just the over-the-air channels, my configuration for that is a Mohu Curve indoor antenna with a Tablo. Works really well for me.

  2. I mean, you could just make a separate Google account for YouTube TV and use that with it. Google is actually really good with having multiple accounts. I have a few due to Personal, Work, etc and Google lets me switch between them easily in most apps, be it browser or my Android phone.

  3. Can you do OTA local channels in your area with an antenna? If so, that might open up other options for you. Then you can either do a HD Homerun tuner or something like Tablo. Not sure what device you are using to access content. If you are using Roku then you could use Tablo. IMO HD Homerun and Channels DVR is the way to go for a clearer picture but, that requires a NAS as well as Apple TV.


    Then you can look for services that do not require the local channels anymore like Philo and Sling. Sling has a promo for 40% off the first 3 months and they have a Cloud based DVR as an option.

  4. Oy. Well, there are other services, but they are all worse in one way or another than YTTV in my opinion. PS Vue is my 2nd choice, but the UI isn’t great. You might want to try that. Hulu is pretty good, but doesn’t have AMC, and you have to pay more to skip commercials on the DVR. DTVN has a awful DVR where you can’t even record your favorite team, and has had various login issues intermittently. I have tried them all. The good thing is they all have free trials so you can try a few and see if any of them come close to YTTV (for me they do not).


    Now if it were me, and my lone issue was “watch history” unification in Google, why not just leave it on? Wouldn’t that solve this single little problem? Seems a lot less hassle.

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