4 Replies to “All I want is soccer, nfl, and nba!!!”

  1. Problem with soccer is it’s so spread out with ESPN, ESPN+, NBC Sports, Fox Sports. Best bang for buck is ESPN+ for $5 but might not be the league/teams you want.

  2. A few questions first. Which soccer are you looking to watch? MLS? Premier League? La Liga? World Cup National teams? The answer really depends because those are spread out over multiple services.

    MLS= ESPN+
    Premier League= NBC sports gold premier league pass
    That’s a start anyway.

    NFL is easier. If you want your local team, best to either get an antenna or a live service with your local CBS and Fox. If you’re in an AFC market it may be cheaper to get CBS All Access to stream live CBS games instead of a full live package but that won’t work if you’re an NFC can. If you want to see all the national games, including Monday Night Football and Thursday Night Football, you need a service with ESPN and NFL Network. Best for both is probably YouTube TV, although Hulu Live might be there with them.

    NBA is easy. Unless you live close to a local team that you have to see, get the League Pass. It’s way more bang for your buck than any other service. Otherwise you’ll need your local RSN plus ESPN, TNT, NBA Network and ABC. Let me look up my article and reply with the link, but you can easily check to see which services stream your local RSN if you do need it.

    Good luck.

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