Ultraviolet digital movie locker service is shutting down on July 31

Ultraviolet, the first major digital movie locker service, has announced that it will be shutting down on July 31st. To maintain access to your movies, you must redeem your codes and link your Ultraviolet library to at least one participating retailer before that date.

Ultraviolet was the movie industries attempt to create a centralized system to provide digital access to movies purchased on DVDs and Blu-rays. While most Hollywood studios, apart from Disney, participated in the service, Ultraviolet struggled to get retailers on board, with Walmart’s Vudu being the only notable participant.

With the launch of Disney’s far superior Movies Anywhere service, Ultraviolet’s days were numbered. With most major digital content retailers, including Amazon, Google, Apple, and Vudu on board, Movies Anywhere quickly became the service that people hoped Ultraviolet would have been.

If you have DVDs or Blu-rays with Ultraviolet redemption codes that have not expired, you’ll want to redeem those codes by July 31st. If you have any movies in your Ultraviolet library, you’ll also want to link your library to a participating retailer by that date as well. Vudu is the main retailer you’ll want to link to, but Fandango, Paramount, Verizon FiOS, and Kaleidescape are also available options. Once linked to a retailer, your Ultraviolet library will remain accessible through that retailer after Ultraviolet shuts down.


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