Insignia 55″ 4K Fire TV Edition television is on sale for $349.99 — New Lowest Price Ever

The Insignia 55-inch Fire TV Edition television has just gone on sale for $349.99. Apart from a very short-lived doorbuster deal at Best Buy during Black Friday (that lasted about an hour), this is the new lowest price this TV has ever been. It has been $379.99 in the past, but this is the first time it has ever been this low at Amazon. This TV is the largest Fire TV Edition television currently available. It features 2160p 4K resolution, but don’t be fooled by the “HDR” in the title. That just means it can play HDR content, but it is not a true HDR television. Other Insignia and Toshiba Fire TV Edition television models are also currently on sale, such as the Insignia 43-inch for $249.99 or the Toshiba 50-inch for $299.99. While those match the lowest prices they have ever been, only this Insignia 55-inch model is at a price lower than it has ever been through a regular, non-limited, sale.


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