How to Skip Pre-roll Ads from Prime Video on Amazon Fire TV devices

I spend most of my time covering what is new or has changed with Fire TV devices that I often forget that there are many minor things that the majority of users don’t know about. I want to do a better job of surfacing those things from time to time, so here’s how to skip the pre-roll video ads that occasionally play before Prime Video movies and TV shows on Amazon Fire TV devices.

To skip Prime Video ads, simply press the Fast-Forward button on the Fire TV remote. You don’t have to hold the button or press it multiple times, as you would normally need to do to skip ahead in a regular video. Just tap the button once, and the ad will be skipped. An alternative way to skip the ad is to press Up (to bring up video controls), press Right (to highlight the “Skip” control), and press Select (to execute the skip).

This tip might seem obvious to many people, but since there is no skip option on the screen while an ad is playing, many people think that they have no choice but to watch the entire ad. This only works for content played through Prime Video that happens to have an ad before the main video starts. This tip does not work within any 3rd-party apps.


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