Amazon taps celebrities for top secret Beta Testing Program for this year’s Super Bowl ad

Amazon has just put up a cryptic page for a, presumably fictitious, new Amazon Beta Testing Program that is somehow linked to an upcoming 2019 Super Bowl LIII ad. The page explains that the program is a “top secret division of Amazon which employs celebrities to test Alexa-enabled technologies such as sub-aquatic audio waveform resonance, interspecies language translation, and voice-controlled body de-stressers.” Four 10-second videos are embedded on the page, featuring celebrities Harrison Ford, Forest Whitaker, Abbi Jacobson, Ilana Glazer, and twin astronauts Mark and Scott Kelly.

Each video has the celebrity opening a blue light emitting box. Once opened, Alexa welcomes the celebrity by name to the Amazon Beta Testing Program. Each short video ends with the celebrity voicing their reaction and the date “2.3.19” appearing, which is the day of Super Bowl LIII. The page describes the videos as “declassified testing footage” and encourages you to tune into the big game to see more.


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