Day: September 11, 2019

Gaia Weird Behavior

As some here will know, I have used Gaia since the very beginning of Bubbles. Big fan. It’s all I use. But I have recently started noticing something very weird. Until today, I

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Youtube Not Working; Kodi Addons Blocked

A backend change by YouTube has blocked all third party apps and addons from using the service, which means that all Kodi addons using YouTube are currently blocked and not working. Check out

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question on smart TVs

what if I dont want one? I really would like a 60″ Hi DEF 4K ultra coffe maker whatever TV, but really do not want a smart one. would prefer to add my

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RD/ResolveURL issues

I go to ResolveURL and set the priority for RD to 90. I can reauthorize my access. When I go to Exodus Redux, premium sources show up but none of them work. And

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College football on PS Vue

I just signed up for a PSVUE trial because I don’t have the ACCN network. I want to watch two games tonight, one starts at 7 and the other at 8. I added

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Premiumize Sales

I picked up a year sub to premiumize about half a year ago and honestly couldn’t be happier with the service. I’m starting to look into topping my sub up (only 6 months

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Sling blacking out

This is my first Fall using Sling as my main content provider. I just added the Orange Sports package so I can watch my out of state college team. The Sling app on

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